Monday, 11 February 2013

Finding the Pathfinders- a trailer

Our trailer is done, have a look here:

Finding the Pathfinders

For those using an ipad/ iphone that doesn't support Flash you can view it here:

(Although I'd suggest using a browser app like puffin to get around this annoying problem for websites like ours until the powers that be sit around a table and sort out their browser differences and get a reliable platform that works for everyone...rant over!)

We'll be holding some open days in Lincolnshire over the next couple of months to tell all you good folks how you can get involved. Look out for Sharon in the local press and media too!

This is how we would like people to help:

 1. Do you want to help us find the crew mates that we're looking for?
2. Are you 19 this year? The same age as many veterans were in 1943? Do you want to find out more about what the "bomber boys" went through exactly 70 years ago?
3. Do you have Lincolnshire wartime memories to contribute to the film?
4.. Do you want to come along to a 40s night fundraiser in Lincolnshire this Spring?
5. Do you have something you could contribute to a fundraising raffle?
5. Would you come along to a "get involved" afternoon that will tell you more about the project and how you can help?
6. Do you wish to book yourself a ticket to our gala screening this autumn?

Just want to contribute to our fundraising to help us make this a reality? You're more than welcome! We're busy raising £2000 to enable us to pay for filming permits and travel expenses for the relatives to come and meet Mr Cannings at a special day at East Kirkby Aviation Centre.
Donate any amount via Paypal here:

Let's get these stories told!


  1. Looking forward to hearing more about this project, and events! Good luck Sharon and Martin...X

    1. Many thanks, Sandi! We shall keep everyone updated both here and on our Facebook Page

  2. Thanks so much to all those who have helped us so far! These past few weeks have been a rollercoaster! We have traced several relatives and the only one that has drawn a complete blank so far is tail gunner Gordon Brown. Can anyone help?