Friday, 15 March 2013

Pathfinder Fudge!

Here it is... Pathfinder Fudge!

Made especially for Ermine Street Project CIC by the Captain's Ephemeral Emporium, this fudge is a plain fudge (or plane...geddit??) with a hint of chocolate.

All profits for this limited edition fudge will go towards the filming costs for Finding the Pathfinders. Remember, we were unsuccessful with our funding bids so your support is crucial. More fundraising events will go on in the next couple of months- watch this space.

If you haven't watched our trailer already, take a look here:

Go on, treat yourself to a bag of delicious fudge today and do some good, too! (Did you know that fundraising fudge has no calories...?) OK, we may have made that last bit up...

The fudge will be sent to you via first class post in a 150g bag and will keep for at least two weeks, although it doesn't tend to stick around once the bag is opened, we find! You discover new friends when a bag of fudge is opened...

Buy it now- you know you want to...

Fudge ingredients:
Sugar, double cream, golden syrup, milk, butter, milk chocolate (chocolate contains cocoa mass, cocoa butter, lechitin) 

The fudge may contain nut traces as it is made in a kitchen that handles nuts.