Monday, 22 August 2011

Interesting times ahead...

Well, it's been an eventful few weeks, some good news, some bad.
We sucessfully completed the first stage of the "My World" project at St Christophers School and the Pheonix School. Now looking forward to the autumn term where we should be making more fantastic little films. The kids and teachers alike got a great deal from the weekly sessions and its great that our funding will stretch to one more term. We might be able to get some clips and photos up here soon.

The bad news is, our recent funding bids for other projects have been unsuccessful, but all is not lost. We are still on track for a very ambitious project (sorry for being a little secretive at the moment but all will be revealed soon...)that will happen in the next few months.
Sharon learnt today that she has been picked to be one of 12 woman social entrepeneurs that will be mentored over the next six months to enable their businesses to gain investors. The mentoring project is called "Make a Wave", run by Ogunte and sponsored by, amongst others, the RSA. The ambitious project that we have in mind for ESP has potential and we're all very excited by what lies ahead.
Coupled with a possible funding pilot project with another organisation we believe that we are going to make a huge difference to the cultural output of the region and be creating quite a few jobs on the way.
We will tell all soon, I promise!