Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Films wanted!

Now that we're so very close to our crowdfunding total, we need to get the ball rolling with ESPTV in earnest. What we need is content from new filmmakers to show alongside our own. We're particularly interested in those of you from the East of the UK, from East Anglia up to South Yorkshire, but anywhere in the UK or beyond will be considered. If you have a film/animation/documentary and you have either:
 a. paid your cast and crew
 b. have a deferred contract in place
 c. Have not employed anyone other than yourself making your piece
Then we'd like to hear from you. We're asking people to adhere to this because it is an ethic that we believe in ourselves and we'd like to encourage good practice in the creative community.

 In return, you will receive a healthy percentage of the advertising revenue that your piece brings in. No fees, no lengthy tie-ins, no buying up of rights. Small filmmakers don't have many outlets for showing their films outside of expensive film festivals and even fewer opportunities to make money. Let's try and change that!

Send your films to:
 Ermine Street Project CIC
Sparkhouse Studios
Rope Walk

 Or send us an e-mail at info@erminestreetproject.co.uk if you would like more detailed information.