Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Our advertising offer just got better!

Yes folks, we've made our Launch advertising offer even better by giving away TWO months free advertising!
We've been busy sorting through our submissions which is taking some time, so in order not to keep you all waiting too long, we'll be doing a special preview in September. Look out for our preview launch date- it's going to be rather special. We've chosen the "Steampunk" channel to be our very special month-long  preview and we'll be looking to find some rather splendid steampunk advertisers to grace our pages along with anyone else who would like to take advantage of our free offer.
Don't forget, anyone who takes us up on our offer will get entered into our free draw to win a pre-roll ad shot by Ermine Street Project up to a value of £500! You'd be mad not to!
E-mail us at for more details.

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