Friday, 28 August 2009

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Hello to the curious...

Ermine Street Project is a not-for profit initiative that aims to create opportunites in the region East of the A1 for creatives in the media industry, from writers, producers to cast and crew.
Here's our mission statement:
Ermine Street Project is a not-for-profit social enterprise created to give those wishing to pursue a future in film, television and video production a springboard to their career. It is also the intention of Ermine Street Project to raise the media profile in the hitherto neglected region east of the A1, from Cambridgeshire to South Yorkshire.
Through partnerships with educational establishments and local film companies within these regions, Ermine Street Project will offer paid first engagements for graduates; an excellent opportunity in a part of the country where, until now, employment in this medium has been almost impossible to find.
With the majority of filming taking place in the said regions east of the A1 and with a production base in Lincolnshire, Ermine Street Project will create a new media hub and focus attention on this area as a centre for moving image production.
We shall achieve this through:

A slate of high qualityproductions which can be sold on to a distributor and profits ploughed back into the company.

Fundraising via community grants and local businesses.

Accessing funds from Film Agencies, local and national.

Purchase and/or hire of cameras and related equipment.

Employing local cast and crew wherever possible; in particular, working closely with local Film Companies

Liaising with Universities and Institutions to employ graduates.

Use Lincolnshire and the East Midlands as a primary location for filming.

Ensuring that industry standard rates apply to all people employed in these projects and supply all necessary contracts.

Ermine Street Project will ensure that opportunity is open to all graduates and professionals in this discipline; regardless of age, race, disability, gender or background.

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